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HDPE PIPE Black high-density polyethylene pipe are smooth, strong, extremely tough. HDPE pipe is cost effective due to its physical properties, leak free joints, easy to install and transport. For use in Irrigation System, Golf Course, Cable duct, Underground water, Agriculture, and Sewerage System.

Characteristics of HDPE PIPE

Light weight – HDPE pipe only weight one-fifth of steel pipe and two-third of PVC pipe. Easy to transport and install, cost-effective, minimize labor cost.

Flexible –pipes can bend quite easily and the ability to absorb pressure surges allowing the pipe to be laid across uneven surfaces without damage.

Solar radiation resistance – pipes are manufactured with UV protection making them very durable.

Chemical resistance – HDPE pipes are resistant to corrosive acids and bases than most piping materials reducing maintenance cost.

Chemical substances resistance – This pipe has quality in neutral substances chemical. It is durable with acid and base. It does not corrosion and rust which can save maintenance costs.

Co-efficient of friction – The smooth internal surface of the pipe and the impermeability of HDPE allows a greater flow capacity and minimal friction loss.


Specification of HDPE PIPE

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